3 Fun Kids Karaoke Machines


A majority of karaoke machines are quite easy for just about anyone to operate. However, if you have young children who love to sing there are some special considerations to keep in mind when choosing a kids karaoke machine. Machines designed for children tend to be less technically advanced and designed to be durable and user friendly for small fingers. There are many karaoke machines designed for children on the market today, but here are three of the best.

The Go Video Kids Karaoke Machine and DVD Player is a fun machine that is not only a kids karaoke machine but plays DVDs and CDs as well. The controls on the machine are bright colors and big which allow for easily handling by children. For karaoke the system comes equipped with two microphones that have six foot cords that can be used with the tv, as well as a sample CD which has ten popular children’s songs. The song lyrics are displayed on the tv screen in big, easy to read letters.

The Leapfrog Karaoke Machine is made by one of the leaders in children’s educational toys. This kids karaoke machine will help your children learn while they are singing along with their favorite songs. This colorful and compact machine comes with fifty songs which can be sung along with. Each of the songs teaches your child an important preschool concept, but your kids will be having so much fun singing that they won’t even notice that they are learning. The songs will teach such concepts as letters, phonics, numbers and life lessons. Song lyrics displayed on the screen will also help your children with their reading comprehension.

Fisher Price is another high quality manufacturer of children’s toys. Their kids karaoke machine is their Star Station On the Go Microphone. It is a durable and compact microphone which plays music from different cartridges that are available for purchase. The cartridges are easy to fit into the handset and designed so that children will be able to change them by themselves. The microphone is easy for children to hold. It has a volume control, on/off switch and buttons for pausing the music and switching songs. One cartridge comes with the microphone. There are nine cartridges in total that are available totaling 75 songs. What’s nice about the microphone from Fisher Price is that it is an easy to use, portable and inexpensive kids karaoke machine.

Source by Kara Okayson