Costume Party Themes In 2011 – The Top 10


Costume parties continue to grow in popularity every year, and this fun-filled trend shows no sign of letting up. Dressing up in comical, fantastical or sexy costumes make for better photographs, more laughs and consequently more memorable parties, hence the widespread choice of many a host. Venturing into your local town or nightspot of choice dressed in costume can only add to the pleasure and amusement of the evening. Costume clad groups are of course easily recognised as revellers celebrating an occasion, whether it be a birthday, stag/hen do, etc., and therefore more likely to be awarded with the all important free entry, complimentary drink or attention grabbing DJ shout out. And what a conversation starter!

With the ever-increasing competition and depressing economic situation at present, bars, clubs and event organisers strive to create eye-catching themes and selling points to fill their venues. Fancy dress is regularly the focus, although sometimes the imagination stops there. All too often is the ‘Superhero’ or ‘School Disco’ theme regurgitated and splashed over posters and flyers hoping to somehow draw huge crowds of eager customers just begging to dress in Lycra or throw a striped tie over their every day attire. I will get to these in my next article and the reasons to avoid them when choosing a theme for your party but my main agenda is to highlight the top ten themes for costume parties in 2011.

The fancy dress themes chosen are fresh, funky, imaginative and most importantly extremely versatile so as to allow your invitees the freedom to use as much or as little creativity as they wish, with the same flexibility attributed to individual budgets.

1. Song/Movie Titles

The idea of this theme is for party goers to attend as a person or even an object from a song or movie title. I have merged these two themes together as they are so similar but I would recommend choosing just one. Either would be a great choice as it gives you the chance to be as imaginative or as literal as you wish. Here are some cool examples:

Song Titles

Barbie Girl – Aqua,

Bonnie & Clyde – Eminem,

Doctor Beat – Gloria Estefan,

Zombie – The Cranberries,

Hippie Hippie Shake – The Beatles,

Billie Jean – Michael Jackson,

Vampires & Wolves – Wombats,

Champion – Chipmunk,

Billionaire – Travie McCoy,

Rockstar – Nickelback,

Crazy – Gnarls Barkley,

Womaniser – Britney,

Paparazzi – Lady Gaga

Film Titles

There are many obvious options with characters names in the title – Harry Potter, King Kong, Sweeney Todd. Here are some other ideas:

The Crow,

Deer Hunter,


Lost Boys,

American psycho,


English patient,



American Werewolf In London,

The Graduate,

Taxi driver

2. London Tube Stations

Party goers can attend as a person associated with the station location or as something more literal in regards the name. A few examples;


Baker Street,

Grange Hill,


Old Street,




Elephant and Castle would be incredibly fun!

3. MTV

Full of numerous options including every pop and rock star ever born along with numerous shows past and present made famous by the MTV channel. Ideas that would stand out amongst the Lady Gagas and Michael Jacksons:

16 And Pregnant,

Daddy’s Girls,

Hogan Knows Best,


My Super Sweet 16,

South Park,

The Freshers

4. Coloured Names

The idea is to dress up as a fictional character or famous person with colours for names. A diverse array of personalities await to create an extremely interesting mix:

Cluedo Characters,

Bobby Brown,

Cilla Black,


Sirius Black,

Gordon Brown,

Red Riding Hood,

Barry White,


Chubby Brown,

Snow White

5. Beginning With The Letter…

Choose a letter (or two) or instruct your invitees to come dressed in costumes beginning with the letter of their first or last name. Another example of a fancy dress theme allowing the revellers to have the freedom to be as creative or as thrifty as they wish and certain to inspire a great mix of costumes.

Quick Tip: Letters S, P, C and G create the most options while U, X and Z should be avoided.

6. What You Wanted To Be When You Grew Up

A great way to learn something that you never knew about your friends. I wanted to be an archaeologist – so I would attend as Indiana Jones. I think I just liked the word, wasn’t sure what it actually meant. A sure-fire way of some laughs too when Big John turns up as a Ballerina, because he just liked the word too.

7. Bad Taste

Not for everyone but some of the funniest costumes I have ever seen have been at bad taste themed parties and they are certainly growing in popularity.

8. Famous Couples/Pairs

A great costume party theme as there are so many characters to choose from, plus all single party goers are able to attend as one half of a famous couple (maybe offer prizes for those who attend and find their other half at the party). The theme is also adaptable to same sex groups.

Opposite Sex Couples

Russel Brand & Katie Perry,

Romeo & Juliet,

Mark Anthony & Cleopatra,

Beauty & The Beast,

Minnie & Mickey Mouse,

Ken & Barbie,

Same Sex Couples

Dumb & Dumber,

Beavis & Butthead,

Tom & Jerry,

French & Saunders,

Cagney & Lacey,

Salt & Pepper,

9. British Counties/Towns/Cities

Since ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ hit our screens our perception of British Counties and the stereotype associated with them has been magnified. Choose this as a fancy dress theme and ask everyone to dress as something associated with a British County, City or Town. Some entertaining options would be:









10. Geek Chic

The Geek theme is a great example of an idea that can be easily adapted to suit any budget and any imagination. Think plasters on knees, rubiks cube chains, lunch boxes, parker jackets, bow ties, braces, knee socks, brogues, scrabble rings. All very fashionable and screaming GEEK!

Source by Gemma Brind