Crepe Paper Streamers – A Myriad of Places to Use This Great Party Tool!


You’ve probably been to several places that are decked out with crepe paper streamers. So, why are they so popular? The biggest reasons are that they save time and money, they are easy to decorate with, and they can be used anywhere and everywhere. Where you ask? Here are the places that we found that crepe paper streamers really add to an event.

Kid’s Birthday Parties: What would a birthday be, especially a kid’s birthday, without a few crepe paper streamers hanging from the ceiling? This is a cost effective way to do some decorating for your child’s birthday, and you’ll find they have many other uses for children’s games as well!

Business Dinner: Line the tables with some fancy streamers to make it look classy. If you take the time to decorate nicely, the people invited to your business dinner will definitely take you more seriously.

Bridal Shower: Use them in every corner to really shower your bride. One of the best reasons to use them at a bridal shower is that it’s an easy and fantastic way to incorporate the bride’s colors. You can also have fun and have a ‘wedding dress’ making contest for one of the shower games.

Valentine’s Day, Show Your Sweetheart You Care: Instead of just sending her roses, decorate her bedroom with romantic colors and have the roses sitting on the bed. Throw some sparkly confetti, and light up the room with candles and you’re sure to put a smile on her face and even a few tears in her eyes!

Baby Shower: Fun and easy way to decorate for this big event! Use pink, blue, green, yellow, or purple streamers depending on the gender of the baby. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Here Come the Holidays: Using crepe paper streamers is an ideal way to decorate for any holiday because they come in so many colors. For Thanksgiving, use brown, yellow, red, and orange to hang on the ceiling or to put on the tables. Christmas time? Red, green, gold, and silver streamers will make your whole home or party just feel more like Christmas. And for your New Year’s Eve party, hang them around a disco ball and go all out with different colors or the ‘official color’ of the new year. Crepe paper streamers will make every holiday feel a little more special.

Prom: Can’t forget about prom! What would a prom be without the hundreds of streamers in every corner, hanging from the ceiling. If you’re on the high school prom committee, this is a fun, special, and simple way to light up the hall!

We haven’t even scratched the surface of all of the uses and places for crepe paper streamers. Buy them in bulk with several different colors to save you time, money, and headache for all your party planning.

Source by Mary Setter