Dancing …

Dancing ...

Once the lights go down the photography at a wedding can be quite challenging. Pretty impressed with the fast focusing of the 5DMIII with the Speedlight attached. Here I was bouncing the light off to my left and off the ceiling, gelled the light with CTO to match the light in the venue.

Here bouncing the light creates nice shadows, and by using ISO 1600 was able to pick up details all the way back into the venue, including the nice lights on the wall (blue) and the disco ball lights as well.

Using flash and facing forward would bleed all this lighting away and atmosphere. I really like the mix of light here and the details I was able to capture from front to back in the frame.

The dancer in the front there is my cousin … she looked to be having a fine time out there on the dance floor.

Posted by ken.krach (kjkmep) on 2015-06-21 18:00:18

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