High School Prom Invitation Sample


Designing Prom Invitation Samples

If you happened to visit this page because you are with the planning committee for your upcoming high school Prom, then you have come to the right place. The invitations for your prom play a huge factor in the presentation of event. The high school Prom invitation sample you decide on might affect your ticket sales. So to help you out, I’ve included a couple of tips to remember when you are creating the layout of the invite. The focus of most committees is to keep the cost as low as possible. Everyone knows that good isn’t cheap and cheap isn’t good. So in order to establish more hype of the party, you will have to start with a solid design for the invites.

The main purpose of having a prom is to raise money for the upcoming senior class. This means that it is crucial to sell as many tickets as possible. This one of the only reason your theme should be unique. Keep in mind that you are compete over other high schools for the tickets on the same day. You can only be at one prom at for one night. The invite will help you convey a unique theme to help sell the event. The theme of your high school prom should tie together all the elements of your decor. Your invitation should also be in sync with your theme. For example, if you are going with an ‘Under the Water’ theme, then you should use aqua and blues for the gradient and font colors.

How to Work in the Prom Theme

Every high school prom out there has a theme that that ties together their decor. You want to relate every detail in the prom invitation back to your schools theme. Really let’s think about it, what do you vibe to be for your high school prom? It can be a high energy event, low-key get together or formal affair. The invitation should be done in a create style that either be elegant or simple. You cannot mess this up, there is no right or wrong way to design your prom invite. The best advice for actually getting samples is to go to Google and find a site that creates custom cards. This should be a simple task, because there are tons of printing companies out there. Don’t forget that your planning committee will have to vote on the final design samples for our prom invitations. A good rule of thumb is to have several drafts ready to present to them. This ensures that one of your designs gets approved by the committee members.

Source by Robert Reno