Karaoke Machine For Kids


This article is supposed to be about karaoke machines for kids. But let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy hollering out musical classics? Karaoke is a great activity for all ages.

You have two options, either you get a karaoke machine that is designed specifically for children, or you purchase a generic model that is built for the whole family. I personally prefer to buy a generic device that kids will absolutely love. So, you have to decide what karaoke features will zap your kids with energy.

There are a few features that are an absolute must. If you’re buying a karaoke machine for a kid, you need to have built in effects. Many of the machines out these days come with echo, and lighting effects. Even the lower cost music players should be able to do this.

Disco lights are awesome for kids, my own two kids soak it all up. I was worried that disco lights may be a novelty feature that would eventually become tiresome, but the kids refuse to turn off the lights. The echo effects can also be fairly entertaining. Especially, for putting a fun twist on some of your favorite songs. My family used echo effects for the Queen song We Are The Champions, it was just awesome. You will be surprised about how much you love this feature.

Other than that, there are a few other things you should consider. Do your kids have an iPod or an mp3 player that they listen to. If yes, then you really should buy a karaoke player that is compatible with mp3 players. In general, a karaoke machine will be compatible with either CD’s or mp3’s. If you’re trying to get your kids involved, then using their music is the best way to do it.

Next, you should decide whether you want your player to be portable or not. How are you going to use it. Is it strictly going to be a home karaoke machine, or do you want to take it with you on trips, vacations, etc. A portable karaoke player is a great way to take the fun of singing with you wherever you want. It’s very nice to have as an option, and great to whip out at your friends house.

So, I hope this article gives you an idea of what a kid would want in a karaoke player. I think the main thing is that you participate though. Get all the bells and whistles you want, you child is going to appreciate the family time that karaoke can offer more than anything.

Source by Fred Heinricks