Portable Karaoke Machines For Kids


The selection of kids karaoke machines is very limited. In fact, most of the karaoke products that are specifically designed for children are very low quality. Don’t worry though, there is a better way.

The best choice you can make is selecting a karaoke machine that is designed for the ENTIRE FAMILY! Not only will this be a better product, you can join in on the fun too!

There are a few options you can go with here, and this is only one of the kids karaoke system that deserves recognition. I also recommend any portable karaoke machine that is developed by Emerson or Singing machine. Both of these companies do an absolute top notch job in creating quality products for family fun.

The Singing Machine SML-383 Portable CDG Karaoke Player is state of the art.

Here’s some of the features:

  • Portable CDG karaoke system with disco lights and vertical loading CD compartment
  • 2 microphone jacks with separate volume controls–great for singing duets
  • Disco Light Effect
  • Auto voice control; balance and echo controls; built-in speakers; AC/DC power
  • Includes wired microphone and sampler disc

Pretty awesome features, but it forgets one major advantage of this system; The SML-383 is 100% portable. Take it on camping trips, or bring it over to your friends house. The portability of this machine makes your options almost endless.

The singing machine SML-383 is 100% portable. Which means that camping trips, games nights, vacations etc. This machine is built for stay at home nights, or for on the go.

It includes a fully integrated disco light system to enhance the theatrics of your party experience. The disco system allows for multiple different lighting effects. So customize your lighting with the energy of the song you choose. This feature will certainly get the kids a jumping!

This machine includes two microphone jacks, with customizable volume control for both. Perfect for a sing along duet!

Easy connection to a TV in order to display follow along lyrics.

Source by Andy Shanks