Protect Your Karaoke Discs in 6 Easy Steps – Make it Last Forever


Karaoke discs are just like any of our other important investments. As time progresses you will find that your collection grows. The more your collection grows ,then so is the investment you have made in it. Naturally you are going to want to do everything you can to protect that investment, and here are a few tips on how to do that.

1.If you feel that you have quite an investment in your Karaoke Disc collection then try to get a total estimate of the value. For example ,lets say you feel that you have about $1,000. invested. It may be a good idea to contact your insurance company and have these added on to your household assets. Then in the event of something unfortunate happening such as fire or theft at least your financial investment will be protected.

2. Its important where you store you discs. Think about what potential damage could come to them when you are picking out your storage area. For example are they near some place where a leak could occur. If you have them on a shelf under a window, and the window accidentally gets left open in a rain storm, is it going to reach your collection?

Or what about being near a heat supply for example a heating vent or heater? Don’t store them where its going to be damp. After all they can warp just like any regular cd.

3. Keep them in their containers or jackets. Don’t get into the habit of just throwing them on the table when you are done with them. Here there’s a risk something could get spilt on them, or the kids in the house may use them for Frisbees.

4. Inspect your karaoke discs on a regular basis, Make sure there aren’t fingerprints or smudges on them. You can clean them but don’t use anything that has a mineral spirit base to it. If you do then you will most probably melt the disc. You can use a very soft cloth and some window cleaner. Be absolutely sure your cloth is clean, If there is any grease on it you are going to make a mess of your disc.

5. When you inspect your discs check both sides of them. Sometimes its not always obvious as to what could be wrong with them. It will become evident when you go to play them, and they start to skip that there is a problem. Make it a point to polish the bottom of the disc. You can actual buy commercial polish especially for your discs.

6. Don’t lend out your discs unless its someone you really trust. If it’s a novice to karaoke that’s borrowing them, they might not understand the care that the discs should have. Then if its somebody that’s a little on the lazy side, they just may not care and not put the discs away properly.

Remember you have invested a lot of money in your collection. Just by following a few simple preventative measures you will have your karaoke disc collection for a long time to come.

Source by Rachel Patterson