Song for Kids About Caring


How do you teach your child about caring?

What would this world look like without caring? What if we forgot how to care for each other?

Nothing would matter. We would all feel alone and unloved. People wouldn’t care if someone else was in danger or had their feelings hurt. We would start being really sloppy in the way we did everything. We’d start doing things half way. Everything would start falling apart.

So what’s the best way to teach a child about caring? Of course I will always tell you that one of the easiest ways for a child to learn is through song. Songs for children, that are easy to sing, help bring the left and right hemispheres of the brain together which gives them a ‘happy’ brain that is ready to learn.

Here are a few simple ways to let your child know they are already doing a good job of caring and will give them some ideas to boost their caring.

1. Take care of yourself. Treat your body with respect and kindness. Basic grooming is a way of taking care of yourself. Get plenty of sleep. Find a friend to talk to when you’re sad. Singing a song for kids can make you feel happy too. Leave a conversation or a situation if it doesn’t feel right.

2. Take care of your loved ones. Show your care and concern for those you love by listening to them while they’re talking. Ask simple, caring questions like, “How are you doing?” Take care of the earth by recycling and picking up trash.

3. Take care of others who seem sad or lonely. Recognizing someone else’s sadness by just being with them can be really helpful. Include them in what you are doing, like singing a song for kids. This can lift their spirits right away. Saying a prayer for them will not only help them but make you feel better too.

Taking care of a pet is one of the best ways to teach a child about caring for others. Also, simple chores that help take care of the unity of the classroom or household are esteem and care builders.

“Be gentle, be loving and handle with care. Those who need tender attention and prayer. Take care of yourself, take care of your loved ones. Take care of those suffering alone or in pain.” These lyrics for the kids song, Caring are a good reminder for all of us.

Source by Jennifer Ruth Russell