Spring 2010 Wedding Dress Cookie Collection

Spring 2010 Wedding Dress Cookie Collection

all 21 designs of my wedding dresses are here. as you can see, i started out with 7 basic shapes, and i created different interpretations out of each one. actually i had some more ideas, but i ran out of cookies hahahahahah!

do check out the close-ups in the previous pictures to see all the tiny details. it’s the first time ever i’ve used such a tiny nozzle! it kept clogging up even though i sieved the icing sugar! i had to use a wire to unclog it MANY times. still, it was the only way i could get such fine details. i really wish i had some pearl luster to do some accents, but they’re all at my old workplace. still, i think it’s pretty nice for a pure white collection even without the added luster.

p.s. some of the designs i came up with myself but a lot of them i got from browsing through wedding magazines. i’m not a dress designer!

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