Wedding Dress for a Bride


To be dressed in white on her wedding day is every girl’s dream. White has always been the favourite colour of brides. Other colours are also acceptable, but by and large it is white or pale shades that are preferred for weddings. While choosing a dress, the bride must pay attention to some details.

• At the outset, if you have an idea which is the best silhouette that is suited to you, that will be a great starting point. Other details can be finalised after this is decided.

• Pay more attention to the top of the dress, as this is the part that will be seen by most guests and even in photos.

• All wedding dresses are usually made with great care and will look wonderful on a hanger. The important thing is how it will look on the particular bride. So try out as many as you wish before you narrow down your choices.

• Wedding dresses can come in different styles – empire waist, dropped waist, modest, corseted, tea length, off shoulder, strapped, shoulder less, scooped or long sleeved and many more. The material maybe lace, organza, satin, sheer, embroidered or beaded. The bride must choose a style, colour and material that suits her height, figure and complexion best.

• A wedding dress must be chosen according to the venue and season for which the wedding date is scheduled. Bright colours like yellow and peaches will do well in summer, while pinks and pale blues will go well in winter.

• Wedding dresses take a lot of time in the making. So it would be a good idea to decide on one early, so that the bride can have several sittings and alterations before the actual date. The measurements for the dress should be a little on the generous side as it is easier to take in a dress.

• Sometimes dresses can also be bought off the shelf. The bride can take a few close friends or take the help of the salon people in choosing a dress.

• It is best to schedule the appointment at the store early in the day. The attendants will not be rushed and there will not be a crowd in the store.

• In some families, the wedding dress is treated like an heirloom – it is passed from mother to daughter/ daughter-in-law for generations. So if you choose a dress with care, you may be able to pass it on as an heirloom in your family.

Source by Urvi Tandon